Surgery for me on Friday – Gall bladder removal

Yep, I’m going to have that pesky little sack filled with stones removed in two days. Wow, that is coming up quickly. It’s going to mean a modified diet for a couple of weeks. And if I am like 20% of people and develop food allergies like lactose intolerance then it will be modified forever. But I already feel like I’m developing lactose intolerance so it shouldn’t make a difference! Guy found a lady online who blames her 400 pound weight gain on having her gall bladder removed. Yes, you read that right a 400 pound weight gain! The restrictions right after surgery are not to lift anything heavier then a Sunday newspaper for a week. Ha ha! That means the babies by themselves, and I often lift them together. Madison also needs to be up and moving a lot during the day. There are hopefully a few people who will be helping us out. I need to find someone for Saturday night though. Guy is working 6-1 am at the movie theater.

The other day Guy had a moment. When the fellas moved us into our house they didn’t set up the center supports just right. They didn’t tighten one of the bolts so the first time we got in the bed it sunk a bit. Well, it got to really bothering Guy last week. So on Saturday we pulled off the mattress and box springs. I got called away on baby duty leaving him to finish up on his own. That night I got into bed where my side of the mattress promptly sunk a bit. Guy said it was because he raised the middle up pretty high. When I got up to get a baby in the morning my mattress sunk about 7 inches further. I told him the support must have come loose and everything slipped off the edge. He looked and said the box spring had broken. Man that really made me upset thinking of the cost and potentially not having somewhere to sleep that night. We ended up pulling off the mattress about 30 minutes later to look at the damage. I took one look and started laughing! Guy had put them in upside down… We flipped them over and our bed is better then ever now that the middle supports are fixed!!! Yay!

The babies schedules are getting better and better. Today I’m actually going to get three loads of laundry done all by myself which includes putting them away and stuffing the cloth diapers again. Cloth diapering is still pretty great. Madison is also seeming to do well now that she has had a whole week on the Nutramigen again.


  1. Hey Shannon–it’s Kristen, from Garner. 🙂 I had mine removed when Elise was 5 months. It wasn’t that bad. I don’t know that surgery of any kind is fun, but it wasn’t bad. I hope yours goes well. I had to laugh at the weight lifting limit, too…hard not to when you have a little one…or two 🙂 Best of luck!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun surgery, I’ll help out Saturday night, but you’ll have to pay for my airplane ticket from Utah – return of course… LOL. Hope all goes well..

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