Sweet babies!

So while reading Cathi’s blog today she mentions our play date yesterday and how my kiddos were mauling her Jellybean which inspired me to take this video tonight. It is pretty grainy because with the light they paid more attention to getting the video camera then kissing each other. It cracks me up every time they kiss each other.

Blake has now picked up on how excited Madison gets to be chased or to give chase. He ‘ran’ away from her several times this evening laughing hysterically. He was so ramped up his heart was beating ultra fast when I pinned him down for a diaper change & got his jammies on. He is so crazy half the time during diaper changes I have to pin his arms down with my feet. Madison is also starting to get crazy during diaper changes. She is fab at getting shirts on now as far as skill and not attitude. She still fusses most of the time, but she puts her arm up and in the sleeve with me just pulling the shirt out to the side for her. Blake watched me open the knife drawer yesterday. He immediately put his hand up trying to pull it open from the side with no luck. Today he pulled himself up, grabbed the handle, and exclaimed in glee as he pulled it open. Stinker. I guess we need to get a lock before he is tall enough to reach in.

Speaking of height it completely amazes me how fast they are growing. A month ago I pulled out my baby book to see what my 9 month height and weight was. It was basically the same as Blake in the height and the same as Madison in the weight though we were all very close. It showed I grew 2 1/2 inches by my 12 month visit and gained about a pound. 2 1/2 inches didn’t seem like much until I see Madison basically getting too tall for her 18 month clothes all of a sudden. I thought they had more room in them! It’s a good think the Spring/Summer 18 month clothes are mostly shorts & dresses so the height shouldn’t matter. But it makes it a for sure we’ll need size 3T clothes by next winter. If you have any 3T Fall/Winter stuff for boys or girls I would love your hand me downs! We are pretty much seriously lacking from here on out in the wardrobe area. Blake is always just a little behind Maddy so his 18 month winter stuff is still Okay for now. In a couple weeks he’ll probably be just about out like her. It’s a good thing it should be warm by then. They both need size 5 shoes next too. He is still doing fine in his 4 tennis sgies & she is now a size 4.5. We do have a couple size 6 shoes for them.

Several of my friends from church formed a food co-op this last week. Today we received our first order. Talk about a ton of food for $27. Just the two bunches of grapes alone would normally be $4.50-5.00 each. We got those grapes, 2 1/2 bunches of bananas, a 10 pound bag of white potatoes, 12 pounds of ginormous carrots, 6 heads of broccoli, about 25 apples, 3 plums, and about 12 very large oranges. The bananas are almost tooooo ripe. I ended up peeling a bunch and slicing them for the freezer. Most of the rest will be for breakfast and go into my first attempt at banana bread. YUM. Hopefully my mom finds her recipe tonight.


  1. Glad your trip went well, sounds like a ton of fun!

    If the kiddos are like our munchkin, their growth should hopefully slow a bit around 2 yrs. Alex was double his clothes size for his age for the first 2 yrs (ie at 12 months he was wearing 24 months, etc.). Once he hit 2 it slowed down. He’s wearing mostly 3T bottoms and 4T tops (only because his head is so big, and I can’t get the smaller shirts over it, lol!) now.

    I’ll look and see what we have, but I’m not sure it’d be worth it with shipping. Good idea to ask on the blog though!

    Have a good one… Heather

  2. My daughter grows in spurts and sometimes it seems like overnight.

  3. I love the new pictures and especially the “kiss”video. It is so funny to watch them try to kiss.

    Love you all!!

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