Our Update

Ahhhh, last night was the best nights sleep I’ve had in a few weeks.  I only woke up three times to wee and Madison was the only one who woke up last night to wee too.  Fortunately, Guy took her and I already had to go so it wasn’t an extra wake up.  They also… Continue reading Our Update

A day is a day is a day

I’m sitting here with an adorable two year old in my lap.  He has a flashlight, on, which has become a constant companion of late.  He also has a stuffed monkey in his arms that should be in his bed where it belongs.  This little stinker tells me, “We’re going to the airport yesterday.”  I… Continue reading A day is a day is a day

Flying with kids

So today, I came across a blog post by a very popular blogger MckMama where she is responding to people criticizing her for flying with kids not in a car seat.  In the rant she does go a bit to the other extreme only siting a violent plane crash as an incident that would more… Continue reading Flying with kids

I’ll take your picture Maddy

So you may have noticed if you have read my blog for any length of time at all that I hardly ever write Madison’s name the same way.  This shouldn’t be surprising to those who know me.  Names are a super important thing.  It effects your whole life.  We didn’t settle on names for the… Continue reading I’ll take your picture Maddy