Tawni & my mom are in the hospital!!!

What?!?!? MY LITTLE SISTER IS FINALLY IN LABOR!!! Her water broke around noon. Woooo Hooooo!!! We should have little Riley in the next 24 hours.
In sad news my mom is in the hospital and may not be able to go see Tawni. And that would mean she can’t come see me either. She plans on beating up the doctor to let her come visit. It is a genetic problem with her heart like my grandma has. I don’t know much about it yet. She was being called away by someone at the hospital when we were talking. My grandma takes a pill to manage the issue so hopefully it isn’t to serious. But the doc did send her to the hospital so that generally means it is serious. At least right now.

Madison only likes to sleep on her tummy

Blake sleeps in most positions

The view from the front porch. Loads of trees and peaceful

The front view

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