The 2 1/2 year stats

The kids had their 2 1/2 year appointments the other day.  We went to our pediatricians nice new office that is just down the street from our house {for where we live}.  We got in pretty quickly and had an interesting start to the measurements.  Blake measured 1/4 inch taller then Madison.  It just didn’t seem right since I look at them all the time.  When she remeasured he was an inch shorter then her which was more believable.

The nurse asked us the basic Q’s they always ask and left to get a helper to take their blood by finger prick to test their cholesterol.  WOW, that is a sad commentary on the state of modern parenthood that testing for cholesterol is now done at TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD!  Our kids tested fine with Blake {the future vegetarian} coming in with a much lower number then Madison.  She definitely likes the more fattening foods.  I think this is where many of our food battles come from.  She and I {and Guy when he’s here} battle over most of her lunches and dinners.  She is so stubborn about eating meals.  She would prefer to skip most of them unless it is something unhealthy and eat snack foods instead.  So she and I battle to get her to eat her actual meals.  The crazy thing is she tells me she likes the food at least 80% of the time she is fighting me.  I also found out quickly that threatening her with a nap or bed doesn’t work.  She’ll happily go to bed, and wake up like an angry bear with her blood sugar nice and low.  We will continue to battle on…

Their stats put them firmly where they should be on the growth chart with their genes from our families.  Madison is just over the 100% mark on both height and weight with a perfect body mass index.  Blake is finally up in the 90’s with his height and weight and a body mass index a little tall for his weight.  He had trouble gaining weight as a newborn and has steadily made his way from the 5th percentile to now in the 90’s where he should be.  The twins were born 4 weeks early and Blake lost about a full pound the first week or so putting him at the 5 pound mark.   I was very happy with their stats.

Madison got a super clean bill of health.

Blake was not quite as lucky.  Since he is showing such sensitivity to the cold with his asthma the doc suggested we do a daily nebulized treatment to help him get through the winter.  Hopefully, this will make it so he doesn’t really get sick this winter.   In the last three days we’ve been doing the treatments he went from needing mommy to hold him and crying in anticipation, to the next day asking to hold the mask while on my lap and making sure he was breathing as much as he could in, and this evening he sat on the couch by himself with the mask strap on enjoying his alone time with his treatment.   Love this kid!  Madison is very attentive to him during his treatments and comes over to hold his hand when he lets her.

I almost forgot the doctors office drama!  Blake worked himself up for the shots and had a good cry in anticipation until we distracted him with games.  He cried through his finger stick.  Then he had me hold him while the doc checked him out.  He then cried through his shot.  After it was done his tears dried up almost immediately and he was back to normal.  The anticipation was killing him!  Someone is like his father in that way.  Madison wanted to be held while he was in his drama modes then wanted me to hold her while the doc checked her out since that’s what Blake did.  Next time, we’re either asking for the shots right when we get in the room or making her go first so he watches how calm and happy she is.

Somehow I missed the images from the doctors office when I got them off my memory card so I’ll share those later.

Here are a few from around the house the other day.  Madison is playing with a lego toy here.

Blake was asking for me to take his picture so he could check them out.

Little girl was having quite a drama that turned into a starter pee in her pants.  When she is really upset she pees her pants a little.  She looked so tall in her bootcut jeans and cowboy boots.

The boy trying to touch my fingers.

I don’t even remember why she was so upset.  I love how grown up she looks in this image and it’s the only standing one I got of her in this outfit.

Talking to grandma in her clean underpants helped her to cheer up!

Then the kids got to practice taking images of each other with my camera.  They are finally starting to look through the viewfinder!  My new camera has the option of turning on the LCD screen, but I’m not sure I want them to learn to use it.  I think overall they would do better learning how to see through the viewfinder though I’m sure they would ‘get it’ faster using the LCD screen.

The phone and Maddie’s pink Converse.

I love this shot of Blake’s body language.  She definitely nailed the focus part more then he did.

The most in focus Blake got which is still out of focus.  It’s still a great image for a 2 year old.

One of her in the studio area where they love to play photographer with the dolls.

I think my lot in life is to have no one be able to focus if I’m in the image.  So wish this one was in focus.  Here is my 20 1/2 week belly.  So much smaller then the twin belly at the same time.

Another of Blake & I.  Oh yeah, and Madison is the photographer here with no adult help.

Guy came home and snapped a few images.  Still slightly out of focus, but cute.

I love my boys and having studio backgrounds up for impromptu shots when my family lets me take them.

Guy helped Madison take this one.  It’s almost in focus and almost shows my face…  lol   Actually, I really love the framing on this!

21 weeks down and about 19 to go until we meet baby boy White.  It’s all coming together.