The Blakester

Our shorty. He’s generally about 1/2 inch shorter then Madison. He is the super fast kid who can climb up anything, and figures out how things work very quickly.

He’s decided he loves puzzles and flash cards. Both are up high on the dresser shelves & he begs me to get them down or tries to climb up himself.

At Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree. My brother in law, Sam, was helping me to put up the tree and took a break to call my sister. He left behind a pile of fragile bulbs on the floor in front of the tree. Blake saw him putting the ornaments on, and he decided to take each bulb and gently stack them up on the lower branches. It looked like a stack of cannon balls {it’s the only analogy I could think of}! Ever since then he has had a firm belief the ornaments belong on the tree. He’ll walk up to them and make them swing a little then stand and watch for a while.

When Blake has his puffy jacket on he can barely move his head & has no neck in the carseat. It’s so funny. Today on the way home from church I was feeding them some fig newtons to keep them awake. At one point Blake slightly turns his head toward me, looks away, back at me, gives a raised eyebrow and then looks out the window. For some reason it just cracked me up.

WH Dec18 09 2

A little note about Madison. She LOVES to sing. Her singing time teacher, Kim Jensen, pulled Guy aside today to let him know she sings along with every song and does the hand motions. Even if she doesn’t know the words the girl is happily singing along. I love it.

WH Dec18 09 3