The day before

Here are some photos of Blake getting his hair cut. He was all over the place. It’s a good thing the Nelson’s had come over to hang out with me as they helped to distract him from the scissors in hand. Especially because those are not the decent hair scissors. They seem to have up and vanished in the last month.

Just look at this face!
Babies 9 months 1171

Blake loves the camera. He is even starting to look at it when the timer is on.
Babies 9 months 1125

Cutie girl.
Babies 9 months 1127

Babies 9 months 1128

I was so mad the other morning. If you remember the neighbor who disappeared for about three weeks and left the dog behind? The dog was taken by the county animal control. Well, the same neighbor now has a new dog! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!!?!? Ughhh! Now we have to watch out for the welfare of a new dog. I was so stinking mad I had to hold myself back from waking up Guy (sleeping from working all night) to tell him AND going next door to give the neighbor a piece of my mind. The new dog also happens to be a pit bull which will be just as neglected and mistreated as the last dog. Though I don’t think it will be nearly as nice after all the abuse.

If there is time to get the snow photos on here it will be done. We are almost packed up and ready to take off to the airport tomorrow. Man. This trip seemed so far away when we cashed in our airline miles for it. Time goes by faster and faster with each successive day. Both babies have been battling a fever for the last couple of days. Blake’s got as high as 103 rectally yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they will continue to successfully fight off whatever bug is giving them a fever so they don’t get sick. Gotta run to give the kiddos a bath.


  1. I hope that the flight goes well for you all and that the kids don’t get too sick. I can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. Blake looks so handsome! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I’m interested to hear how it goes flying with the babies. We’re talking about taking the trio out to UT as well later in the year but it sounds like quite the production!

  3. What cute pictures. Your little girl is going to look so cute in the Clippie that you won on my blog!!

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