The floor and other stuff

Ahhhh, what a nice day. The babies took two nice naps after they missed their morning nap. Tracy came over to pick look at her photos and pick up the CD. She was very pleased. They recently had their sons senior photos done, and she said she loves mine a lot more. I will put some of theirs on the photo blog next. I am also working on a bunch of photos taken of Blake and Madison with the new backgrounds. Yay! There have also been two more photo sessions set up today! Nice. Currently I am free to work on my own photos and the scrapbook of the kids first 6 months until Saturday after I finish the police officers charity pictures. Some of the fellas Guy works with are doing a charity bike race. When they have the website up and running I’ll put in a link.

Yesterday Guy stopped into the grocery store to pick up the babies first teething biscuits. He came in after being a lot longer then expected looking a little harried. He said to me he had to go to several stores to get the right stuff. I thought he was talking about something else he got. Nope, he pulls out the biscuits and says, “All I could find are bitter biscuits.” Ha Ha!! He misread the Biter for Bitter. Good one, Guy.

The fabulous new floor installed by Guy!!!

A close up of the flooring.
Babies 7 months 1388

Into the dining area. I love my popcorn machine even though it doesn’t really ‘go’ in the dining room.
Babies 7 months 1387

He made sure to put the floor in the pantry. Moose is looking for some attention.
Babies 7 months 1386

This photo is making me want to clear off the top of the fridge.
Babies 7 months 1384

The laundry looks a lot nicer with the wood floor. OK, everything looks a lot nicer with a wood floor. Love it! Thanks honey!!!
Babies 7 months 1383

Babies 7 months 1382

Babies 7 months 1381

I have a whole series of photos to put on. I wonder if I can just do a small slide show of them. Got it! I forgot how to do this.


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