The four month stats

Both Blake and Madison checked out well yesterday during their 4 month appointment. Both of them came in at 17 lbs 9 oz. Mady is 1/4 inch longer then Blake, and Blake has 2 cm more head circumfrence then Madison. When giving the shots the doctor put the needles in quickly and injected the contents slowly. I really think it helped. They cried a bit and have been pretty good overall since. We did give them some Tylonal before the appointment though.

Edited to say: I just looked at this post and realized my current state of mind is definitely reflected here in the very minimally informative and unimaginative information above. This last weekend was a bomb which I don’t feel able to write about. Guy has also been working and working out so much that neither of us have had a break which shows. Looking forward we are headed to Atlanta which may be a wonderful or stressful trip. Until I know which there is unease in the unknown.


  1. Whoa, they are getting so big! I went back to see where Roman was at 4 months (I knew he wasn’t nearly that big) and he was 14 lbs flat. Crazy kids, tell them to slow down!

    I saw that madison is on Nutramagin, hopefully she will be able to go to Gentlease before too long. We did Nutramagin for a while with Roman, We had a huge celebration when he finally went to Gentlease. Much easier to find, much less smelly so I am assuming it tastes much better and MUCH less expensive!! Good luck! Once it’s over and you are past that you forget what a huge pain it all was. Honestly

  2. We just loved the new pics. Afton is jealous of anyone that is near the babies. She wants them back! How you feeling?

  3. You and Mady look sooo cute! Wow, the kiddos are getting big!! Isn’t it funny that they are the same weight? I hope that you are feeling well. We miss you and Guy and the babies. I put the color pic of the twin smiles in my school notebook so I can see them every day!! Love you all bunches!

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