The last few days and blessings today

We spent the last few days at Jamie’s house. Alyssa gave us the use of her room in the basement. It was nice and cool which Guy was really excited about…. Until we closed the door at night to keep out the cats (I’m allergic) and our four bodies heated up the room. Boy was he disappointed about that. We had even found him a fan to blow air right on him. As usual, he couldn’t hear a thing I said to him the first time with a noisy fan by his ear. He does admittedly tune me out sometimes too.

Alyssa is still a rock star baby caretaker. Cynthia finally got to handle the babies some. On Saturday we took some family photos of their family, but (as usual) ended up skipping doing ours due to sleepy babies and a grumpy photo Guy. We went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It is the second Mexican place on this trip. Both of them had a very similar tasting salsa which is unlike anything I’ve ever had and tasty. Poor Guy still hates Mexican food and has suffered the bad American food that those restaurants serve to let me enjoy something I absolutely love. From the restaurant we split up. The guys went to go bond over some shooting and the ladies with all the kids headed to the mall. I would have loved to go shooting too, but I also love the mall. It’s too bad you can’t do everything you want to do in life. Jamie shot a perfect shot for his first shot. They saved the target with just the one shot for Jamie to keep as a souvenir.

At the mall the kids took turns, after much discussion and debating, pushing the kids in the umbrella strollers we picked up. Isabella (Belle, age 4) was super funny as she ran the stroller she pushed into everything and zig zagged her way around. Cynthia was trying to keep her as strait as possible. Bradley and Alyssa did great as always. There was on point at the Hallmark store when both babies decided to cry in unison startling a lady. She said, “Twin cries!!” It was kind of funny. We barely made it home in time to feed them. Guy and I hung out for a while while they went to a Cynthia family event. Then we went to the grocery store with Jamie, Bradley and Alyssa. At the store Alyssa had Blake in the Snugglie carrier. We got lots of funny looks for letting a petite 10 year carry a baby around! Some people thought it was cute while others looks scared and horrified by it.

I made some salsa for the lunch today while we waited for my sister, Bernie and Ngaire to arrive. It worked out great that Lin and Bernie were able to come and bring Guy’s sister with them. Their Bronco almost didn’t make it though. Hopefully they make it home OK tonight. They finally arrived just in time to help put the kids to sleep and get in a little cuddle with them. We figured out it has been over four years since we have seen Lin and Bernie and until recently it had been two years since we had talked as well.

This morning we all headed to church. The number of our family members was more then the entire number of others who showed up by 9:06 when they started the service. By the time they got through the opening song, prayer and ward business it was almost full. That is shocking to see so many people who are sooooo late. The boundaries are quite close so all the members could walk to the church if they wanted. We drive 30-40 minutes to get to our building in NC.

The blessings went very well. I’ll need to dig out the paper I took notes on to give specifics regarding the blessings later. We took a photo of everyone that came for us afterwards then one of all of Guys side of the family. Then we all headed to Jamie’s house. Once there we took a few photos of Guy and I with the babies and a couple by themselves. Since we didn’t have a table and prop Guy just held them strait out and up. He was really tired afterwards. We hung out and ate and relaxed until about 2 pm when we headed to Mum and Dads.

Mum and Dad were asked to give their missionary homecoming talks today. With the feeding of the babies and getting my sister onto the computer at the house we walked in right as Mum was talking. She totally called us out!!! lol Ngaire was in front of me holding Blake and I was right behind. She called out Ngaire then announced her twins were also arriving as we were walking to a seat… Notice I didn’t mention Guy? Well, he heard her staring her call out and diverted long enough to escape the call out! ha ha. In day to day live Dad has me cracking up a lot, but Mum’s talk was absolutely hilarious while getting her point across. Dad also gave a very informative talk with direct counsel to all of his children. Yes, I will be getting out my patriarchal blessing when we get home to read. They went on a temple mission so their talk was mostly about the blessings of temples.

Back at the house I said goodbye to Lin, Bernie and Ngaire as they headed back up to Idaho. Even though they took all of MY vitamin waters! No one else likes what I drink so why do they? After that they all started moving the furniture for the upcoming new floor installation Guy helped them decide on starting in the morning. They are getting new laminate flooring on the entire first floor of the town home.

The only hard part about staying at Jamie’s house were the little curious eyes I was trying not to flash when breastfeeding. They haven’t eaten very well whenever the kids were around. This morning I woke up with the biggest boobs ever. Bodacious ta tas!


  1. We only took ONE Vitamin Water, thank you very much!!! Can I help it if we have good taste?!! The bronco made it home fine-Berni thinks it may be the cruise control that was the problem. We didn’t use it all the way home and no problems at all. We miss all of you already.

  2. Ha ha. Lin you crack me up. Those Vitamin Water’s are super tasty, aren’t they? I’m really glad you guys made it home OK and figured out the problem. The White’s are really excited you are buying the truck. They also liked you guys very much.
    Melia – You have a new comment on your blog.
    Thanks Lisa!Congrats again on your major weight loss goal!

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