The Purchase

We’ve had a crazy couple weeks.  There is all the normal life and business stuff going on, plus we had a twist thrown at us.  The Purchase!  It is something we have been planning to do for quite a while.  However, we weren’t planning on things happening so fast!!!

Today we signed a contract to buy our very first brand new construction home!!!!  Oh my.  It is sooooo exciting plus a whole truckload of other emotions all at once.

It all started a little over a year ago  few years ago.  My mom mentioned she was going to be retiring soon.  She mentioned she would probably spend time with both Tawni {my little sister} and us each year and need a bedroom at both of our places.  I think over time she realized that she would have a lot more comfort if she picked one of us to establish her primary residence with.  Her and Tawni have been living together for most of Tawni’s life, and we really really wanted her to come live with us.  I miss my mom a lot moving away from my home state.

Fast forward to within this last year and we firmed up plans for her to come live with us when she retires.  Our house is quite small so it definitely wouldn’t work long term.  We explored quite a few timelines of making the moves for all of us.  Our latest consensus was to wait until her official retirement to all find somewhere to live and move together.    Her retirement date is 12/31/13.   We’ve been casually looking at new home construction in our tiny take home car area for Guy’s work.  We also have some very not normal needs so finding a plan to work for us was really hard.  Looking at resale homes would probably not find us anything that would work in 5 years of looking.

I, being the inquisitive sort of planner, talked to our amazing real estate agents waaaay ahead of schedule to appraise them of our upcoming plans and get a feel for their thoughts.  We also found a community and plan that we all really liked.

Two weeks ago our agents informed me during an unrelated conversation we really should consider moving on it NOW.  ASAP.   Guy also saw a couple articles about how the new home construction in our area is projected to raise significantly over the next 12 months.

Uh oh…  So we regrouped.

That led us to today when we signed a contract for our very own brand new construction home!!!  So exciting. We have taken assistance from as it is the only moving company which has till today securely delivered our moving boxes. And so we even now a few of their employees by name and have a bond.

Now we just need to sell ours.  Oh and my poor mom is having heart issues and need to get an ablation done next week along with new medication to treat her issues.  I feel so bad for her to be worried about signing contracts out of state and getting her home listed.

So I’ll be praying for my mama, getting our house ready to list soon along with amazing Sea Pines home listings, taking care of my little kiddos and working my tail off during the busy season.  🙂  I have faith it is all going to work out better then ok and we’ll make it through with smiles continually on our faces.