The rest of the photos from yesterday

This is the newest version of tummy time for us. If they are propped up high enough they like it. Blake is such a mover he doesn’t last very long in the upright position. He ends up going lower and lower until he is laying with his face pretty much mashed into the lower pillow. Needless to say I do not leave him unattended in this position.

They still love to watch TV part of the day.

Blake making a funny face and Madison checking him out.

Both looking over at me.

They love their mommy!

Here is Blake, my super cutie!!! See how cute cloth diapers can be? We saw Bum Genius 3.0’s at Target tonight! Way cool! I used to have my mind closed off to cloth diapers, but I am so glad Molly gave me the information and showed excitement about cloth diapering her son. We wouldn’t be saving so much money if she hadn’t.

Blake fell over.

The babies sucking on their fingers as usual. Madison is wearing a dress that pretty much doesn’t stay down at all but is so cute.

Both babies smiling at the same time again. Right on. I guess it is going to be a common experience from here on out.

Even smiling she put her hands back into her mouth.

My sweet boy.

Here is Blake sitting up! lol I set the timer on the camera. Held him up until it was about to go off and let go. This was the third attempt. He stayed up about 5 seconds before falling over.

Madison got it on the first shot. She fell backward as you can probably tell.

Cutie Blake. Madison in the background trying to sit up straighter.


Blake grabbing onto Mady


  1. Wow, they look so grown up. They are really growing fast. Lots of photo’s, keep them coming. Hope all is well

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