The trip continues

We bought some formula here that is lactose free. So far Madison is not chucking up as much as she was. It looks like we may have found all the tricks we needed to in order to ‘cure’ our little Mad Mady! I am also going off dairy for a few days to see if it makes a difference for her and me too. My tummy has been upset the last few times I’ve eaten cereal. Now, anyone who knows me also knows that taking cereal out of my diet is a major tragedy…

Donna and Lee came over for dinner two nights ago. We ate the best lamb I have ever had.

Melia and Wayne came over last night to visit. She was looking much better then the first day we saw her. It turns out that first night she went to the hospital after leaving Mum and Dads house and was there until 4 am. No one can still figure out what is happening with her. I sure hope someone does soon.

Dirk also came by to visit last night. He saw the babies and we had a good chat.

Michele came over today with Karissa and Marci. They all took turns holding, changing and talking to the babies. Marci even got a Madison poopy diaper. Lucky us. The electricity went off just before they left.

Guy and I are just about to leave for Jamie’s house next. What a fantastic laid back trip that allows us to have personal time with all of the family members.

I’ve been taking quite a few photos and will certainly be posting a ton of them when we are back in NC. No lap top to work on them on vacations anymore :-(. And I’m taking the photos in raw so I have to have my editing program to do anything with them.

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  1. Shannon, I am lactose intolerant and also addicted to cereal! I cut dairy out when still pregnant and haven’t dared to go back. Even eating a little cheese upsets me. I feel for you!

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