The twins are one month old!

I’m sorry for being so lax in keeping up the blog. There have been quite a few people who have mentioned they check very regularly for updates. I’ll do my best to get on at every other day to keep ya’ll up on the happenings.

Today I went to the chiropractor. She is wonderful and I feel the stresses and hurts from handling the twins so much melt away. She also sells Moby Wraps which we purchased one of today. The kiddos are on my chest together right now. We took a photo when they first were put in.

We have disconnected our cell phones. The home number is 919-585-6433. Save it and use it! It is just another way we are cutting costs to avoid having to super stress about money.

Madison’s new nick name is Mad Mady instead of Baby Girl. Blake’s nick name is still Mr. Man or Blakey boy.

We are enjoying the kids and starting to get a little more sleep. We give them more formula at night and less boob time. Though both of them are doing much better at nursing. Either I just don’t produce enough milk for them or they don’t get everything out of me. So we have to supplement them at least some at every feeding. Madison eats too much all the time and has horrendous gas. No matter how long or well she nurses she wants at least 4 oz from the bottle. Blake is lazy and will camp out at the boob forever then will take a couple ounces of formula.

Blake is a hummer and cooing baby. He especially hums when he is eating. We think it is adorable.

Guy and I now have highlighted hair! We both got highlights yesterday from a girl at church. We wanted to be blond like the kids. Madison is losing all of her hair from the forehead back. Currently she looks like a man who has a ring of hair about the head. lol Blake is losing his in a normal way starting in the back first and fading the ring around the head. His hair also seems to have a reddish tint to it. Guy says there is no one in his family has had red hair. There is definitely red or reddish hair on my side though.

I’ll put all the photos in another post.

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  1. Well then Blake is like his dad. I remember a little boy sitting at at the end of a very long table humming while eating his dinner. I wonder who that could be Guy?
    Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the little ones. I appreciate seeing all the pics online. it is great to see them progress even though it has only been a month. I just sent some pictures in the mail from our Disneyland trip. Enjoy.
    Whitehouse 2 (Jamie – hahaha)

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