Update & new photos

What is it about naked babies? Love, love, LOVE them! lol

The first four photos were taken when Denise & her adorable daughter came over to help with the babies. They gave them a bath they desperately needed.

Identical faces! From the big people and the babies. Guess who is related…

Heather’s daughters. She came over on the fly to help after learning I still could not lift the babies for up to a week longer. Not many people will drop everything to come over like that. The babies loved the girls. The girls loved Moose! Especially Cloe (that spelling doesn’t look right).

Don’t the babies look all grown up in their exersaucers?!?!? Madison moves her hands daintily at objects but doesn’t have much accuracy. Blake flails his hands about and hits exactly what he’s aiming for. Neither of them have learned to grab items and keep them intentionally though. Both love to grab blankets and their teddy bears when going to sleep. They also both ‘massage’ us when we hold them with the hand on our chest or around our waist depending on how they are being held.

Madison (I keep thinking everyone should be able to tell the difference between them. People still think they look alike though)


Naked babies again. I can’t resist! Madison in the foreground. Kathy got me out walking when she was over to help. We had a great time, but thought we were going to have heat stroke with the heat and extreme humidity. The babies were cooling off and getting ‘air’ time. I give them air time to help keep them healthy around the privates.

Madison chewing on her whole fist as normal. Really she licks her fingers and fist most of the time. Occasionally she will poke herself with an extended finger on her gums or roof of the mouth. Then she looks all offended for a moment before going back to licking or chewing away.

Madison from above.

A pretty picture over Fiji!

In other news.
Lin and Berni bought the truck from Mum and Dad this week. They left the beat up Bronco for charity, and headed off to check out Yellowstone National Park.
Mum and dad both had cortisone shots last week. Monday Mum is going to have some lookie lou surgery on her knee this Monday. They love the new floors still. Kenny (the dog) clicks his nails and tag on the floor to make noise. Blue goes for a run and slide across the floor.
Aunt Mady has to meet with the surgeon for her gall bladder troubles. I called her last night to go over the pros and cons and share my experience with her. She has had terrible nausea and vomiting as well as episodes of pain.
We are going to Atlanta September 9th thru 13th so the babies can meet Dad, Judy and their Aunt Gracie. They have a lake cabin we will be staying at.
Guy and I have been out rollerblading every day for the last three days. He uses the stroller to keep him steady while he learns. He’s done so well he also had Moose the last two days. I didn’t want to wrestle with Moose when I’m not supposed to do cardio for another week beyond today. But that 20+ pounds left to lose is starting to get on my nerves now! And let’s just say with the loss of muscle the left and right skin by my shoulder blades are having a race to see which side can reach my waist first! I never thought to see fat/saggy skin on my upper back. EVER.
Babies are waking up and it’s right at the end of the 5-9pm grumpies.


  1. Hey Shannon! I tried awhile ago to leave a message on your blog but it wouldn’t let me, so here I go again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me just say the babies are SOOOO adorably cute! You and Guy have a GOOD recipe!! lol! I’m sure it has been quite the adventure ESPECIALLY with the whole gall bladder thing…sheesh! Really hope you guys are doing good…and YES please feel free to visit us when you come to Ohio…we are in West Chester, right outside of Cincinnati. Take Care and give those lil sweeties some big smooches from me!

  2. What adorable little ones! It was so good to hear from you! I can’t wait to catch up with you, although you look kinda busy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    sara musser-tucker

  3. Shan, you can totally tell the difference between Madison and Blake in the close up pics. Hate to say it but Madison has so much ‘White’ in her looks. ha ha
    Blake (in the exersaucer close up) looks so much like a boy.
    It stinks you still can’t pick them up or do much yet.

  4. I agree, naked babies are the cutest!!! Hope life is getting back for normal for you (if that’s possible with twins!)

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