Updates all around – pics to follow

Happy Friday! This morning we are settling back in after an unexpected trip. On Tuesday I called my mom to see how they were all doing up in Virginia Beach. She let me know she was in the hospital again, thought Tawni would have called me, and couldn’t get a cell phone signal out from her hospital bed. She said she was having heart issues again and was waiting for the test results to come back. She knew she would be having surgery/procedure done that day. Guy and I spoke and were able to pack everything up and head up there in only an hour and a half. Pretty impressive with infant twins and no warning! We ended up getting to the hospital literally 3-5 minutes after they took her in to have the procedure done. The doctor came and talked to us after she was done. He was a very nice doctor who gave off a wonderful sense of competence and calm. He explained she had an electrical issue with her ventricle. He would go back in through an artery in her leg again the following day to try and stimulate the bad rhythm she was having. Then he would be able to cauterize the spot causing the issue to eliminate the problem.

The next morning she went in again. We spoke to the doctor after the procedure. He let us know everything went really well. They were able to start the bad rhythm to find the spot and cauterize it. While they were in there they found two other bad rhythm spots in her aorta as well. The small one they were able to take care of and the other one should be able to be managed by medication. He said her heart was nice and strong with no blockages or other issues. Mom looked great the whole time we were there. I’m really glad we were able to go see her. Even though I felt from the first phone call a week ago that she would be fine it was still nice to spend some time with her and give our support. Tawni and Sam weren’t able to make it to the hospital much as they had a doctors appointment each day for Riley and were dealing with the newborn sleepless nights.

Riley is cute. I got to hold him twice when we were there. Tawni is getting used to breastfeeding and Riley is trying to kick out all the drugs in his system from the c-section and the stuff Tawni is taking. He hasn’t been waking on his own to eat much. I think the last couple days have been going a bit better with him waking when he should.

Blake and Madison were little angels on our trip. Both ways they slept the whole drive as it was in their afternoon nap time. They also did very well at night for us and we were able to get a total of 8 hours of sleep both nights! Their sleep is always so much better when there is someone to tag team them with me.

Moose is healing from the dog bite. Our friend was pretty nervous about putting a new dressing on him every day while we were gone. He sat there and held up his leg for her whenever she put a new one on. He is a typical dog in that he licks his wound obsessively so we have had to put a new dressing on each time he gets the old one off.

The babies are both smiling a lot for me now. They also seem to be getting a little more on a schedule each day. There is starting to be some predictability. Right now Madison is asleep on my chest. She requires at least one sleep a day be on someones chest or snuggled up in some way.

Just call me the drama girl! I feel like my life has been filled with so much drama since I got pregnant. Today’s drama was not fun at all. I was trying to get settled in to feed and cuddle the babies with the big nursing pillow clipped around me, a baby in each arm, and trying to put a boppy pillow under the big nurser for support. The boppy was getting snagged and not going in. As I was trying to get it all propped up Blake slipped out of my arm, bounced off the beds footboard and landed on his head from a distance of about 2-3 feet off the ground. His body came down on his head as well and his folded over onto the floor. As I’m leaning forward to get him there goes Madison as well. She landed on her brothers body and her face ended up in the carpet. Both babies started to wail immediately for about 5 minutes. Both seem just fine with no visible marks, eyes dilating OK, no abnormal breathing and normal behavior. My friend Lisa calls while I am trying to calm them down and tells me a story of how her son wiggled off the changing table at 3 months and seemed fine. The next day his head swelled up and he had a fractured skull. Talk about scarring me when I’m already a bit traumatized!!!


  1. Shan-
    Thank goodness for your blog, or I would be clueless! I am so glad that Mom is ok…has she gone back to AZ yet? How is Tawni doing? Do you have any pics of Riley? How are Blake & Madison doing after the fall? I am sure that it was much more traumatic for you than it was for them!! I have been collecting baby clothes and some other things for you…what is your address so I can send them to you. By the way, you and Guy have the CUTEST babies!!!!! I can’t wait to meet them in person. Love to you all.

    Lin (fiorlind@isu.edu)

  2. oh my goodness, shannon! i would have had a heart attack. i’m so glad the babies are okay. i’m telling you as these babies of ours keep getting bigger i have no idea how i’ll be able to continue to hold them at the same time. i need to start hitting the gym, i guess!

  3. Lin – I sent you an email. Give me a call, sister!!

    Mary – I know. It did give me a heart attack. Last night I had to make sure they were awake every three hours since they hit their heads. Who knows how we are going to continue to hold them at the same time.

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