Updates on the family and my doctor’s appointment

Guy’s sister, Melia, came out of surgery on Monday. The doc had some trouble determining exactly what the mass was so they took out the entire area of the gland. She was feeling much better after the surgery emotionally. She had a big problem with pain management in recovery, but said she felt better when I talked to her which was right when she arrived home. Now it is wait and see on the pathology report, and an update on how she is feeling now.

Here is the update on my Uncle Clifford from my mom in her words: They have given him a hormone shot and will be giving him radiation therapy. Not sure on how many treatments or anything like that. He is in pain all the time and the hope is that the radiation will shrink the bone cancer. Not sure what it will do for the prostrate.

Here’s my update… The apt on Monday was with the same OB I didn’t like. Still don’t really like her. One perk at this office is they use the portable u/s machine to find the babies and then they can make sure they get each h/b. So we got to see them both briefly. They were both practicing to be Aussie Rules Football players kicking and kicking and kicking away. Guy said later he was excited because they finally look like babies and he saw them moving so much making it very real. The OB had a completely different opinion from the OB last week on my general health and tolerance for doing almost nothing. She basically treated me like I’m exaggerating how ‘not up to anything’ I am and the pain. Then she also said I really have to take it easy because I’m growing two people. Helllooooo, contradiction. Anyway we weren’t sure what to think. So I’m just going to keep plugging away and trying to rest as much as my body tells me to. Yesterday I ended up taking a two hour nap at work! My friend brought in a cot for me… So now our conference room is a nap area. tee hee. Today I’m definitely feeling it is Wednesday and can’t wait for home and bed tonight.