Utah wedding day pictures

Guy’s nephew, Andrew’s, wedding was at 9 am at the Salt Lake City temple. A few family members volunteered to watch the babies while we attended the sealing/ceremony. I’m especially glad it was cool for our entire trip on this day since we had about an hour wait for them to get dressed into their dress and tux. We mostly just stood around and talked. Marci practiced taking photos with my camera of all the waiting family and friends. It was a bit weird to be at a wedding without being in charge and snapping away. I felt like I had no purpose. The bride’s sister is a photographer, and they also took the bride and groom shots prior to the wedding date.

a SG June26 09 1

Kourtney had specific colors for all of their immediate family members & their kids to wear. Her two nieces here are way cute. I can’t resist taking pictures of the cute kiddos.

SG June26 09 5

I love my reflection in Corri’s glasses and how she was captured actively talking. Kourtney sharing a moment with her new mom-in-law and sis-in-law. The bottom left is Guy’s sister’s family, and the bottom left is anyone on the grooms side of the family at the temple.
a SG June26 09 7

There was a lunch at noon followed by a reception starting around 6pm. Some of Guy’s family were only able to make either the lunch or the reception. Blake & Madison attended the reception in their PJ’s. In these shots are most of the family at the reception with some family shots. This top right one is Ngaire & Brian who are about to have their first baby after 14 years of wanting one. We were all bummed that his sister Melia’s kids were visiting family in Montana.
a SG June26 09 6

Here are some funny shots taken with the camera on the pillar column set on the interval setting. There were probably 30+ shots taken so most of the adults were annoyed with me by the time they finished up. The kids and I were jumping off the pilars by the end.
a SG June26 09 3

Between the temple sealing and the lunch we went to the British shop for some yummy treats with Guy’s parents and sister, Corri. The kids have loved any British and Australian foods we have given them so far. They even love Vegemite if Guy isn’t too heavy handed. Blake’s scared face is one he makes often when he is unsure of his surroundings. There was a man walking with a dog who thought we REALLY wanted to spend time with him and his dog. Neither Blake nor Madison wanted anything to do with him when we walked from the bakery to the shop.
a SG June26 09 2

I think Blake was thinking back to our Marbles Museum visit during our visit to the British shop. He was very interested in both pulling items from the shelves and putting them back. Madison sat in the middle of the floor observing until she found the metal door with all the magnets on it! Madison ended up napped on the way to the lunch as well as for a while once we got there so Guy hung out in the car with her. He must have had at least five people waiting by in or around the car with him at any given time. Blake officially loves anything electronic. He was so proud of himself in the last picture for pushing the buttons and entertaining the audience.

SG June26 09 4

All in all it was a great day! I really love Guy’s family, and I am so happy they are a part of my life. It’s so cool to have so many extra siblings to share our lives with.