Video time

Whew! I am so glad the babies have backed off on the milk consumption since the first day of whole milk. They are going through about a half gallon each day. Now the trick is to get them to drink more water. It’s a work in progress with them improving a little each day. I think the couple drops of lemon juice is also helping them learn to like the water.

The camera hasn’t been out the last few days, but we have taken the video out. Here are four of the videos to get you started. The third video is the shortest if you only have 20 seconds. The longest is 1 1/2 minutes.

Trying to get Blake to walk, but he went up and down a few steps instead.

Some walking with a little bit of a run when he hit the downward sloping grass.

Our little Frankenstein!

And here is our snotty Madison with both babies coughing for effect.


  1. Oh poor babies…that cough sounds terrible! The videos are cute. Blake is walking really well, is Madison trying yet?

  2. Too bad they are sick again, Nebulizer treamtents helping? Hope they get well soon, they are just to cute in the video’s, growing so fast

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