Videos of the kids playing in the drizzly rain

I’m not sure if these are in order, but it’s after 1 am & the kids are finally both asleep! Both videos are of the kids playing in the drizzly rain for the first time. They loved it. They are both 90 seconds long. I’m pretty sure only family will love watching these and anyone else would be bored silly! You’ve been warned. 🙂

So the cutest thing tonight. Both babies (toddlers) are a touch sick. Blake had a fever this evening & woke up crying. The waking up crying is pretty normal at least 2 days a week. This woke Madison up too who was sooo not happy to be up, but will not be left in her crib should he be taken out of his to sooth him… Well, as long as they were up I decided to change their diapers to which they cried loudly. Guy got up to cuddle them as I went to get the fever reducer. As soon as Blake transferred over to my arms so did Madison and Guy hightailed it to bed (I’m sure he turned on the fan to drown out any future noise – Smart man!). In my arms both kids had to have an arm around the other baby! Love it. I started singing to them & wound down after a few minutes. Blake started to sing to tell me he wanted me to keep going. At least someone likes my singing.

After a couple more minutes he popped up all serious and had to get down. He starts to pat his diaper and looks very concerned. I ask if he wants to go potty to which he repeated it over and over as he sprinted to the bathroom. We followed. He sat down as I tried to maneuver Maddy and I down to the floor. He shivered a little and I asked if he needed his diaper off. He definitely wanted it off & peed right as I was getting it off. Poor fellow having such a slow mom. Well, the shivers started in earnest and he turns towards the tub and mutters something. I think he was combining diaper and bath. Still not sure. I asked if he wanted to take a bath. He DEFINITELY wanted a bath and immediately got more excited…. And finished peeing on the side of tub.

Clothes off. Put him in while filling the tub. Cleaned up the pee. He had a ball in the tub which alleviated his shivers and brought down his fever! Wooo Hoooo. It was still there, but definitely not so high. Listening to you kids telling you what they want really pays off sometimes. Both kids enjoyed their cuddle together, Blake is closer still to potty training, and he knew what to do to feel better. Love it!

Do you think playing in the warm drizzle brought on the sick? I don’t, but maybe you disagree.


  1. We are missing them again! The videos were very moving and brought us all to tears as we oogled at how big they are.

  2. too too cute!!! I am a firm believer that sickness is caused by bacteria or a virus (and sometimes allergies) but never weather.

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