We all live in a small place

Tonight I’ve realized I’m in my own little world.

It’s amazing how interconnected we are. It’s also amazing at how out of touch we are {can be}.

Back in the day as a newly married couple we visited several places in Guy’s native country of Australia. When we stopped in Sydney we stayed with a marvelous couple who are called Aunt & Uncle though there is no actual relationship. I remember not thinking anything of settling into the room we stayed in only to find out as we laid down for the night it was the master bedroom. Even today this still is an amazing gift I find hard to believe a couple with grown children would bestow on a young married couple. I also still remember vividly how disappointed everyone was when we arrived to sight see at the most amazing mountain lookout {Australia’s version of the Grand Canyon} completely shrouded in fog. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement and wonder at the misty wonders appearing before my camera lens. Who cared about the vast view hidden from me when there were so many cool shapes & images all around me. For a girl from Phoenix Arizona, the fog is a super rare and wondrous site. I’m still not sure everyone believed my excitement. It really was sooooo cool.

With all the news being so repetitive, months ago I just stopped watching and reading it. Tonight Guy mentioned some people thought Survivor shouldn’t air this week. What? Why? He looked at me with an incredulous look then told me a bad tsunami hit Somoa killing many people. Not good. I thought of all the Tongan and Samoan people we both knew over the years. None of them lived there, but being a descendant from such a small chain of islands they have to be related and know many of the victims.

Guy’s mum called late this evening to check in for the first time since arriving in Australia almost two weeks ago. She mentioned Chris & Kessa, who so graciously gave us their master bedroom, were trying to contact the relatives they still kept in contact with in Samoa. So far they don’t know much, but there will be a massive group burial for the dead and missing. How sad.

Isn’t it strange how we are so interconnected. Maybe many people only know or care about the small area they were born to and still live by. I think most of us, though, have a much bigger and often a global imprint in our connections.

Johnny Lingo was a very popular video in my generation & further back. It is a teaching video by my church (I think – At least that’s where many of us saw it) which teaches the value of self worth. If you have ever heard someone say something about a ’10 cow wife’ it comes from this movie. Here is part one of three showing the movie. You can just click to watch it on YouTube, then after it finishes you will see Part two then Part three. It’s a classic! Keep in mind it was created in 1969 so it is a bit poor on the quality & totally campy. Love it. It should make you laugh. It has millions of views, if you want to have those views too you should start thinking about how to buy youtube views


Johnny Lingo land, I sure hope you recover quickly!!!