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We are so happy!  Check out the photography blog and the Lifelong Impressions Facebook fan page to see some of the sweet images I’ve been able to be a part of recently.  The great news is my backlog is finally gone!  It is now onto a normal manageable work week for me.  Love it!  Here is a picture that just made me smile while editing a session.  So cute!
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We are enjoying the visit of Guy’s parents.  The kids get so excited every single time the see them after a nap or sleep.  It’s like they are completely surprised they are still here.  The twins birthday is very close to their great grandmother’s birthday.  She passed away just before they were born.  Today Guy’s dad requested a picture of him, Guy and the twins.  We made it into a card he sent to his sister.  I love it!

Mums card

We are headed to bed now.


  1. Wow, you really got some great images up on your photography page. I love the one of the two infant twins and also the beach family shots!

    The shot of this kid's silly face with the globe is hysterical! I love your pictures because I feel like they give me a peek into what joys life has in store for us once our little ones arrive. =)

  2. You know about pavlova, too?? Isn't it so yummy? I think my grandma got the recipe in Australia and then passed it along to my mom so that's how I found out about it.

    I WISH we were doing a big splurge on the nurseries … our budget is $1500 total to do both rooms and we've been saving up for it since I was 6 weeks along. Luckily my husband's parents got us the glider or we wouldn't have been able to swing that. I know what you mean though — I see lots of bloggers with designer nurseries and always wish we could afford that.

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