We got Guy

This morning I worked with the kids a little before we called Daddy at work.  When Guy answered the phone Blake loudly proclaimed, “Happy Birthday!”  Then I put the phone over by Madison who also proclaimed, “Happy Birthday!”  Guy loved it.  I think it made his day to have his two sweet two year olds so excitedly wish him a happy birthday.  Unfortunately, Guy, has food poisoning or a stomach bug. Hopefully, he feels better by tomorrow.

Today I had my third close call while driving this week.  The first two were pretty spiritual experiences for me.  Yes, weird, but true.

#1  On my way home from softball game Tuesday I found myself driving slow.  When I thought about it I felt it was a good thing {normally a very lead foot}.  I turned onto Cornwallis & saw three deer running through an old trailer park to towards the curve in the road.  I got them to slow down & stop by driving a bit at them.  After rounding the curve I saw a car coming really fast which I flashed my lights at a few times to get them to slow down along with the car a bit behind them.  My feelings are that my slowing them down made it so someone coming around that corner didn’t hit one of them.

#2 I dropped off my friend, Kim, at home after returning from the beach sessions in Atlantic Beach.  Normally I drive pretty fast out of her neighborhood and once again found myself going a little slower then normal.  Again I felt I should go slow and now speed up like normal.  About 5 seconds later I came up to a curve where a school bus was coming around it fast right in the center of the road.  It would have hit me head on being so much in my lane had I been going even a couple MPH more.

#3 We were on the way home from church today.  The kids often talk about what is passing in their view as we drive.  There was a large boat being pulled by a big pick up truck to our left.  They were getting excited & I looked in the rear view mirror talking to them about the boat.  When I brought my eye back to the front the trucks front end was coming into my lane.  I had to make a decision on if he was just drifting a little or coming into my lane.  I determined he sure was coming into my lane.  Slamming on the brake or gassing it wouldn’t have worked since their was a lot of length with the truck and boat.  I looked ahead to check out the shoulder.  Luckily we were in an area with a pretty flat shoulder that looked pretty solid and grassy.  I let off the gas and moved to the shoulder at the same pace he was coming into my lane.  By the time I fully was on the shoulder we had slowed enough to be behind him and able to get back into the lane.  When I got into the left lane & passed him he looked like he wasn’t even aware he ran us off the road!

For me #3 was a moment of celebration.  There was no panic, just quick analytical decision making with no hesitation or over reaction.  Many people would have jerked over to the shoulder or slammed on the brake in a knee jerk reaction which is more likely to become an accident.  I really think it has something to do with being a what if person.  I often think of what if situations.  What if this happened?  What should I do?  By doing this I’ve actually been pretty prepared in many situations with quick reactions to situations.  Of course, being in a ton of car accidents in my life has also probably made me hyper aware of how these huge chunks of metal & other crap can become a deadly weapon in the hands of distracted, complacent and aggressive drivers {more the first two!}.

Here are more images from the kids two year shoot.  If you are seeing this on Facebook they are all different images & all ones I like better then the ones on Facebook!

My sweet baby girl!  Guy said recently that Blake brings the excitement and Madison brings the love.  He couldn’t have put it more perfectly.
Us Apr10_1453.jpg

These particular pants do not stay snapped.  I never can remember which ones they are until Blake has been wearing them for a while.  We are so happy I didn’t know those where the ones I grabbed for this photo shoot.  Really, this whole shot wouldn’t be nearly as cute with perfect pants.
Us Apr10_1462.jpg

Here we are singing their favorite wiggles song.  The one about putting the bear to sleep.  “Everybody clap.”
Us Apr10_1463.jpg

“Turn around.  Yeeee Heeee.”
Us Apr10_1466.jpg

Here we got to the line repeated two or three times depending on if it is the first or second time the song is sung.  “Bear’s asleep.  Shhhh shhhh shhhh.”  We love this picture so much for every little detail in it.  Maddy doing the sleep and Blake the shhhh, Blake’s pants again, Maddy’s leg bruises & scrapped nose, how they are kind of looking down & just everything.  I’m getting a hard case cover for my phone with this image on it!
Us Apr10_1467.jpg

Kim’s son came up to his mom in church today to let her know Madison has a lisp.  The leaders were blowing bubbles for the kids while waiting for the parents to come pick them up.  She ran up to me to say, “Bubbleth!”  I hadn’t even noticed.  Guy says he used to talk that way as a kid.  Kim mentioned how she used to do that and her family made her place her tongue behind her teeth instead of between them.  Sure enough, I had Maddy say bubbles for Guy and her tongue was between her teeth instead of behind them.  Hmmmm.  I love smart people who figure this stuff out.  Who knew the tongue was so important?
Us Apr10_1471.jpg

We are trying to teach them how to catch.  Not working so far.  🙂
Us Apr10_1474.jpg

Happiness from head to toe!
Us Apr10_1479.jpg

Lovin on the bear.
Us Apr10_1486.jpg

Double cuddles…  I know what double cuddles feels like.
Us Apr10_1487.jpg

Was I boring him?
Us Apr10_1490.jpg

Such a boy.
Us Apr10_1492.jpg

He’s checking out daddy’s badge.  The hat is from his uncle Jareth.  The badge on the hat is from his great poppy.   The bear is from his great nanny & poppy.  The handcuffs were just hanging out in the car so I grabbed them.
Us Apr10_1494.jpg

My awesome friend, Tammy, got a new studio set up.  She let me come over And she helped with the crazy little people I call my kids!  Here she is showing Blake how it’s done.  Love it!!!
Us Apr10_1497.jpg

He got it!
Us Apr10_1500.jpg

Maddy got in on the action.  This is one of my top three favorites of her.
Us Apr10_1507.jpg

There she goes again.
Us Apr10_1510.jpg

He finally looked at me while jumping.  He looks so little here.
Us Apr10_1512.jpg

The joy of playing with cool stuff.
Us Apr10_1517.jpg

Love this quiet moment!
Us Apr10_1523.jpg

And this funny look while fixing her hair.
Us Apr10_1532.jpg

Typical look and smile.
Us Apr10_1541.jpg

Another of my favorites.  I was trying to get them to do something here, but she obviously wasn’t wanting to.
Us Apr10_1539.jpg

He set up the stool and chairs for this.
Us Apr10_1535.jpg

Us Apr10_1546.jpg

Then it was tickle time.
Us Apr10_1555.jpg

More tickles.
Us Apr10_1557.jpg

Us Apr10_1563.jpg


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