We have two teeth!

It is amazing to me how we are just cruising along and it dawns on me there have been a lot of new stuff going on.
Babies 7 months 1183

Madison is a wonderful sitter now. One day it just popped into my head to try and feed her while we all sat on the floor. She has been sitting wonderfully ever since! She also has learned how to catch herself with her ‘skydiving’ arm pose when falling or being pushed backwards. Smarty pants. She observes and observes then just does things perfectly.

Babies 7 months 1178

Madison also figured out how to hold her bottle two days ago. They have both been slow at learning this because we use the pillows and feeding chairs when they eat. It makes my life a lot easier since it is a little bit too hard to feed two babies in your arms at the same time every feeding.

A naked Blake photo
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Blake has been holding his bottle, when he wants to, for a couple of weeks.

Blake is going from sitting to laying down and rolling freely from back to front whenever he wants to now.

Blake is tolerating being on his tummy much better now and is starting to move his knees a little. I bet he’ll be crawling a little in two more weeks.

Blake seriously rolled his eyes at me this morning while giving me a disgruntled look! Ha ha. I’ve never seen a baby roll their eyes before. That’s a toddler thing and older. This is not a photo of him rolling his eyes, but the look on his face is funny.
Babies 7 months 1179

Blake has two bottom teeth poking through and the uppers do not look too far behind.

Madison looks like her bottom teeth are getting close.

Both babies are starting to get very good at napping together.

I turned their cribs so they are side by side length wise. They love being able to see each other and ‘talk’.

My sweet naked boy
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Babies 7 months 1041

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Babies 7 months 1045

Our friends Molly & Eric with their son, Logan, are coming to see us. They arrive on Thursday evening. Out of all our friends (hrmmm hrmmm and family) they are the ones who take the time to come see us the most!! We love having them. We met about 4 years ago on a cruise and have been traveling to see each other and other places ever since. It’s great to have friends who like to travel as much as we do.

Guy spend the entire weekend when he wasn’t working off duty time installing some fabulous bamboo flooring in our kitchen/dining/laundry rooms last weekend. It looks fantastic! We even have enough left to do the entry and at least our bathroom. There may be enough to do the other bathroom as well. NICE.

I also am the wonderful mail recipient of a background stand and three backgrounds this week to use in my photography business. The sad part is I still haven’t opened them with getting our house back together, working on photos, taking care of the babe’s and the two additional projects we have planned to do. We are putting up decorations in our bedroom and decorating for Christmas before Molly and Eric get here.

An interesting fact…. Eric has my same birthday and Molly’s is two days before ours. Way cool.

After Anderson’s photo session last week we sat all three babies together for a few shots. Anderson is a normal one year old to give an idea on how big these two babies of ours are.
Babies 7 months 1140

Madison found herself a boyfriend (until Logan gets here :-).
Babies 7 months 1148

Anderson found a Madison and she is reaching to touch him. ahhhh
Babies 7 months 1149

Fickle girl. She wanted the hat!
Babies 7 months 1151


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