We love birthdays

Right now it is all about birthdays in our family.  The kids are anxiously awaiting theirs with active imaginings of how awesome it will be.  Landon isn’t in on this, but boy are Madison and Blake!  They also seem to have a fair amount of friends who have celebrated birthdays in the last couple months.  Then there is Guy’s family.  Hmmmm, there seem to be a lot of them with birthdays about now, I’d say his parents definitely have a good bit of the kids all born around the same time.  🙂

Today we went to Emma’s 3rd birthday party.

Madison was a bit shy off and on through the party.  Her feelings are far to easily hurt, but its one of the things that make her so very sweet and loving.  This is a cute shot of her and Guy.

Blake on the other hand, is as social as a bee collecting and spreading pollen.  He has as much energy as a worker bee too.

Sweet Emma.

Madison decided to give her grab bag stamp a workout on the way home.  I looked back to find her happily stamping away up and down her body.  It’s a good thing too, because she might have started on the car if she hadn’t been caught.  Guy looked back at her when I told him to look and quickly looked away.  He wasn’t quick enough because Maddie saw his amusement and knew what she did was cute.  So here she is posing it up with her tattoo art.

There is no telling where Blake came up with the crazy poses he’s been doing lately.  It cracks me up each and every time he gets in front of the camera.  Some of his poses look positively like they would be more suitable for a boudoir session.  No joke.

The kids conned our neighbor into pushing them on the swing this week.  She is a super cute and sweet girl.  Landon seems to have a bit of a daredevil outlook.  He also loves loves loves spicy!  Yay, me!  He gets out the bottle of Franks Red Hot whenever the fridge is open and sucks on the lid.  Guy even tested him the other day and put a drop on his tongue which Landon loved.  He did it again to make sure and Landon still loved the hot sauce.   Finally, someone who likes spicy as much as I do.

This smile lights up my life!

As does seeing all three of them playing together like this.  We have great times.

He loved being pushed higher and higher.   Madison was sick on Sunday/Monday for the third time in as many weeks.  She had better be over all this gunk.

Even sick she gave me this awesome pose and expression as she stared up at the sky.  It has been so fun the last week or so laying in the backyard with the kids and watching the clouds {saying what they look like} and birds as we feel the great fresh air and breezes.

Little outdoor man doesn’t mind any temperature or condition.  He’s just happy to be outside.

The dandelions have been a particular favorite of all three kids this week.  Landon gets these big gut laughs in short spurts of voice with his deep little voice whenever the kids blow, shake or squish a dandelion.

There really is something cool about them!

Yesterday we got the electric Jeep out and the battery wasn’t charged enough.  They were totally bummed but tried pushing it around as an alternative.  Landon was completely distracted but still very hungry.

When the big kids gave up he decided he NEEDED to be in the Jeep.  It was just a little too difficult for him so after several failed attempts he went back to walking around and drinking his bottle.  He really thinks he’s 2, but he still has a lot of growing and learning to do.

I’m thinking we need to seriously consider what do to about Landon’s sleeping arrangement.  He is in the crib with the mattress at the lowest level.  The problem..  He is a climber.  The kid is getting really good at it.  Several times when I’ve come in to get him, his leg is cocked up on the cross bar at the top of the slats trying to hoist himself up.  The twins we’re his height at 18 months and were mature enough to switch to toddler beds when they showed signs of wanting to climb out.  I don’t think he’s mentally ready to be in a toddler bed yet, but I don’t want him falling out and breaking his neck.  What do we do?  No, I don’t want to get a net over the top.  What else?