We made it home

We are back from an almost entirely computer free trip to see Guy’s family in Utah.  It had been quite a long time since we had seen them, and it was wonderful!   I have lots of images to go through from our visit and will post more about it when the images are ready.  One of the highlights for me was the impromptu Wii bowling, tennis & golf games we played one night.  Mum wasn’t kidding when she said Dad goes all out playing.  He moved just as if he had a real bowling ball in his hands!  The kids loved all the action and fun and became extra attached to Uncle Jamie.

On our way home we got a bonus two days with my family in Atlanta after Blake got sick all over all the boy clothes we had and Guy.  It was quite strange to live two days with only a smattering of necessities.  Guy and I were borrowing clothes from various family members so we could wash each night.  For the kids we had borrowed shirts for the first night then washed only their day clothes the next night.  Luckily I had put in our carry on luggage an extra pair of undies and pjs for both the kids.

This week here at home will be spent catching up on some business details, organizing & editing personal images both past and from the trip, cleaning the stye that is our house, making a dream list of what I’d like to do to this house, putting away the last traces of the wonderful Christmas holiday season and taking time to play with the kids.  I feel like the kids have changed so much in just the last few weeks.  They are much more talkative, more manipulative and more imaginative.

One of the funniest things Madison said was after Grammy pointed out her Christmas tree upon arriving at their home in Atlanta on Friday night.  She said, “But there are no presents for me under it!”  Oh my, I think she has had one too many grand surprises with us celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve then celebrating again Christmas morning at Nanny & Poppy’s house and again at Aunt Ngaire’s house later Christmas day.  Grammy had mailed a package that was here for her upon arriving home last night.  They definitely ‘get’ opening gifts now as they tore into all of the packages in the box.

My little sister took a few images of us on Sunday morning before we left for home.  It’s been quite a while since we had some of the four of us together.  Blake and Madison were much more interested in the tennis players to our left {right of the images} then they were at smiling at the camera.  She managed to get some good captures of us, and my favorites are of us playing tickles with each other.  We have at least one tickle time event at our house each day with most of them taking place just before bed.  The kids love it.