We made it to 24 weeks!

The 24 week mark of pregnancy is a wonderful milestone to get to. It means that we are now looking at an 80% or better chance of bringing home live children from here on out. Of course, that’s with fine medical staff and facilities close by. Any birth in the next four weeks would mean an extended stay in the NICU with many difficulties as well as the potential for long term developmental issues. So this means we don’t want The Boy and The Girl to make an appearance anytime soon we’re just happy they are now viable. And besides that, we still have no concrete idea of what to name them. Our next OB and perinatal growth u/s appointments are scheduled for this Tuesday 1/29. Hopefully we’ll get some cool u/s photos to post and they will tell us all is well. I have lots to post about our trip to Phoenix, me being super sick the last week and just life in general. Hopefully tomorrow. There are some photos too.

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  1. Yay Shannon! So glad everyone is healthy and doing well. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it back for the shower, hope you made out with some great loot!

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