We saw the babies by ultra sound

Here are the u/s pictures from today. If you click on the picture it will make it nice and big for you. Baby A are the first two on the left. A is head and torso on the first one with a very clear hand with the thumb clear on the hand. The other on is facing us right below it. Baby B are on the right side. Both are a full body profile and the hand is barely showing by the mouth. The bottom two shots are both babies together. B is on the left upside down showing a full body profile. A is on the right with its head closest to B and torso showing. I don’t know about you, but unless I see an u/s in motion I can’t see anything in a still shot! Hopefully you have better luck if you are interested… If you aren’t interested it is sooooo OK with me. Seeing them clearly not looking like aliens is really cool. It is amazing to me those little babies are just growing away inside me. No matter how much I eat still no weight gain. Just getting skinny everywhere except my belly which is growing slowly. My next OB appointment is on 12/6/07. We’ll either schedule the big u/s to see how they are doing and sex or have it that day. Guy really doesn’t want to know what they are, but I do for planning purposes. He said today it is my body so if I have to find out it is my choice. He is so great, but then it makes me feel guilty he doesn’t really want to know. I’m still pretty set on finding out anyway though! We found out today the overall cysts have gone down, but the fibroid’s are a little bigger. Yeah for the cysts going down! And hopefully the fibroid’s don’t grow anymore.