Went to the hospital again – so did Melia

Melia is Guy’s sister who is my age (I think). Or maybe Ngaire is my age and Melia is a year older then us. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. It all started for us when I received an instant message at work from Mum in Australia on Wednesday. She said Melia had a stroke. I didn’t get much information, but I don’t think she had much either other then she was taken to one hospital then transferred to another. I called Guy who jumped online, but wasn’t able to talk more then a minute or two with her by instant messanger. We tried calling Melia’s number that evening and he was able to talk to her husband Wayne. He didn’t have much to say other then they don’t think the first event was a stroke and she just had another event and he is no longer with her and didn’t know what was going on. Neither of us have heard anything since. I’m thinking the crisis is over or someone would have let us know.

Last Saturday was my weird hospital day. I had asked Guy to unload some boxes into the house from the Trooper when he got home at 5 am Saturday so I could pack. When I got up I just didn’t feel right. I kept having pains and what I had thought was baby movement for 2 days but they were a bit worse and every time Guy touched me or felt the babies move it was irritating me. It finally dawned on me about 6 pm I was having regular painful contractions. DUH! So I started timing them and they were about 5 minutes apart. I called my friend Aleesha to get some contraction/labor advice. She was great. We were also having severe weather in our area so that was a concern if they and the weather got worse. I went to the store to get some milk and lottery tickets. On the drive back I noticed I was only driving 35 when normally it would be more like 60 mph. So I broke down and called the OB oncall. She agreed that I should come in. Now all these painful contractions were still manageable and there period like cramping, but I was really thinking and hoping if we went in they could get everything stopped. Guy was at work and asked if someone else could go with me as he was thinking the same thing. My friend, Erin, from church who is a Douala was able to take me up there. Even on the way the contractions calmed down and were better though it wasn’t comfortable and the cramping was still there. At the hospital they got me all hooked up to the monitors. They were able to get both babies heart beats on there. I was having contractions still and some ‘irritable cervix’ showings. The babies tollerated the contractions wonderfully with increased heart beats during them. The nurse who was assigned to us was having a terrible time with the computer. It was not working for her at all. They ended up doing a few tests and giving me a tributaline shot again. The urine test showed a tiny bit of bacteria so my OB thought a very early urinary tract infection was causing the contractions. She did a physical check of my cervix. It still felt closed and high but 50% effaced. So the contractions definitely did to a little ‘damage’. The tributaline shot got everything calmed down, and Erin took me home about 1 am with a perschription to knock out the UTI. Now I for sure need to keep the babies in until 34 weeks because the UTI perschription causes a blood issue if the babies are born while on it or shortly after taking it. Fun! Another worry.

Though since Saturday the contractions are back to what they used to be with no cramping. And I haven’t gained any weight in two weeks. The babies are certainly bigger though. I’m fast running out of fat for them to cannibalize. And it is harder to eat much since my digestive system is so slow and getting squished again with the babies rapid growth.

My sister, Tawni, hasn’t had a very good follow up OB visit. She was diagnosed with Placenta Previa around 21 weeks pregnant. She just had her next visit with what was supposed to be a perinatologist last week at 25 weeks. It was a terrible visit. I’m hoping she can go thru the military and get some better service in the future. She definitely needs to be her own advocate (nicely) in order to be treated as someone in her condition should be treated. With the placenta completely over her cervix they will need to monitor her for signs of pre term labor very closely as she nears the end.