We’re back!

The following paragraphs were written as we were on the home stretch of our drive back to Raleigh on Friday. In the last few days I have received several phone calls from family members wondering what the kids are up to now and asking for photos. They will come. I do think it’s funny to have the increase in calls. Maybe I shouldn’t blog so much to get more phone calls. Well, the big Spring and Summer photo rush is about to start anyway so that may put a big stopper on most of my posting and internet time. It will be all about work in my spare time. For those of you who have said you are calling me to make an appointment there are still times available during all four of the Saturdays in March. April will be a different story with much less Saturday availability. Jump on the phone the next couple days to get a Saturday appointment! hint hint.

We have arrived safely back home with a niece in tow! In the course of talking the idea came up for Karissa to come back to Raleigh with us and fly home from there. The ticket change fee was OK, and here she is with us. What a cool opportunity for her to see even more of the East coast in one trip. The drive home was long, but not so bad. We even managed to meet up with my cousin, Corey, stationed by Savannah, GA who is about to deploy to Kuwait in a couple weeks!

Our first day in Florida included a visit to the beach. The sand was very white and super fine. It even looks like snow in the photos. Once again the kids surprised us. We thought for sure our hyper Blake would love the whole experience. He pretty much hated it. Madison, on the other hand, took to the water like a long lost lovers reunion. She sat right down and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Part of Blake’s problem may have been some sun block in his eye. He ended up cuddling with daddy on the blanket. We also got some Slurpee’s on the way there. Yum! There are no 7 Eleven stores around us so it was definitely a nice treat.

We also went to Busch Gardens. Guy doesn’t love coasters, Frank has a bum knee and there was a child swap option. All this means I got to go on every ride I wanted to!!! How cool is that?!?! The babies were fabulous. They ate when we ate, bottled in the stroller and napped like champs when they needed to. In fact, I would say they didn’t change what our experience would have been like without kids much at all. Blake did have a nice little mishap, though. Normally he is buckled into the stroller because he is the kamikaze twin. At the end of feeding them some din din both Guy & I went to the back of the stroller at the same time. Next thing we hear is a big thud and turn to see Blake’s head on the ground with his body compacting his neck and falling over to the ground. He cried for about two minutes. We were right next to the First Aid station where Guy cleaned and dressed his wound. He has some nice bruised raspberries on his forehead but is doing well and fine. Maybe he won’t dive off the stroller if we happen to forget to strap him in next time. Doubt it.

It was great to see Corri again. We were also able to meet her husband, Frank. We did learn from the experience of going to Florida again what a great place it is to visit. We definitely wouldn’t want to live there thought. It is so flat. And it must be really humid hot in the Spring/Summer/Fall. The warm water still amazes me every time I go to the beach on the East coast. I’m sure it gets cooler the farther North you go, but it is amazingly warm compared to the West coast.



  1. How fun! Isn’t it fun seeing your kids react to A LOT of water? I am glad you don’t get nauseous on roller-coaster rides! Even after Clark I could only handle about 2 rides, then I would have to wait about 2 hours to ride again! That is awesome you got to enjoy yourself on them! I do like them though–even with the nausea. Glad you made it back safely!

  2. it sounds like a great trip + how wonderful top be able to share that with your niece. welcome home!

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