We’re off to Disney

Almost everyone is in bed asleep for our early morning rising.  Disney is coming tomorrow for us!  We are so excited.  Miami is so much fun.  I can’t wait to share all of the details with images {uhm when I remember to get out the camera that is….  DUH!}, but for now here are 5 images I saw this evening when doing a little personal editing.

I got the camera all set up with Maddie and Blake up on the ladder, got it focused on Madison, set the timer and ran over to get a picture of…. Me.  lol  Here I am.  🙂

Madison consented to come back for another couple and this was the best I got.  I love her face though with her mischievous look.

She had a rough day at the park this morning.  It was wet so they got all the droplets off of the slides with their behinds, she wouldn’t wear shoes with the wet bits getting into her sandals, she found all the spots that had wet debris on the equipment & had a runny nose.  And she was delighted with the adventure!  Love my wreck of a girl.

This image just before we left of Blake is adorable.

However, this look melts my heart completely.  We are trying to break this new yucky habit of putting everything in his mouth like a puppy.  If it isn’t his fingers it’s whatever is in front of him.  I’m so glad lead paint isn’t used anymore, and I also hope his immune system is up for the challenge of his recent slobberings.

No computer at all for me the next two days!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!