What a moment!

We were eating our awesome Easter dinner sitting Japanese style around the coffee table.  {Yes, this is our usual place to partake of food.}  Madison and I were both enjoying our corn on the cob.  I had her giggling with all the funny faces I was making as the yummy corn kernels popped off the cob into my mouth.  All of a sudden she looks at me with complete panic and yelps in pain.  Her bottom front tooth is bleeding, and all of the corn kernels look like broken teeth.  After determining her teeth are all there with the bottom of her tooth is bleeding my own panic {imagining a razor blade or some other foreign object has hurt my kid!} subsides with the realization she has her very first loose tooth!  She is still kind of panic crying and my excitement makes her laugh.  Then.  She panics again as she realizes it will likely cause her more pain as it comes out.  For the next few minutes she goes back and forth between excitement and panic as the thoughts of all that loosing her first tooth means.

She’s excited to beat Blake at something.

She really wants daddy to hold her hand when it comes out.

She is soooo much closer to being a big kid.

She does NOT want it to be pulled out.

She’s excited.

She’s scared.





The girl cannot decide what she feels.  We loved every moment of it.  It was seriously one of the cutest moments we’ve had with her.


  1. I just pulled Jaxon’s tooth out tonight and I swear we went through the same emotions and it wasn’t even his first! Kids are the best 🙂

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