What does she not eat?

Thanks for the guesses on who’s bottom belongs to the correct baby. It even confused me for a moment. Madison generally looks like she has a pretty trim tummy where Blake appears to have a bit of a man gut most of the time. In the photo it looks like the dimply bottom on the left has a bit of a gut, but it is Madison. It looks like Rachel is the only one who got it right. Congrats Rachel! Here it is again if you missed it.
Babies 10 months 1517

I had the babies by myself for a couple hours when we were in Florida. Because we wheeled the cribs into the bedroom (Guy scored a suite for $25 extra a night) then into the main room at our bedtime, I had to also get ready for bed prior to putting them down. While brushing my teeth the babies were playing with each other on the bathroom floor. The maid had left a box of soap on the bathtub rim. It was the coolest jetted tub! They managed to get the bar down and then out of the box.
Babies 10 months 1444

So, the question is what will we do for an older mouthy Madison? She seems to love the soap!
Babies 10 months 1439

She even has a soap mustache here.
Babies 10 months 1443

Then there was this cup of ice water she knocked all over the floor. As she was sitting there soaking wet she noticed a nice big double piece of ice and went for it.
Babies 10 months 1484

Then she spent the next 5 minutes eating it. Grandma will be proud. She is a major ice eater.
Babies 10 months 1481

Then there are all the ‘nature’ items such as bark, rocks, sand & leaves. She loves them too.
Babies 10 months 1505

We also have paper
Babies 8 months 1779

and toys
Babies 8 months 1790

She does consent to eat some food, though she is much pickier about what food she eats!
Babies 9 months 1016

na na na
Babies 10 months 1025

Here is a little about Blake’s big injury down in Florida. The first aid station!
Babies 10 months 1414

All secure with daddy showing off the massive bandage daddy put on him.
Babies 10 months 1415

As he was starting to pull it off (about the same time Maddy was trying out the soap).
Babies 10 months 1445

A close up of the actual damage going endo off the stroller onto the pavement did. It was all gone in a couple of days. It amazed me how fast kids heal when it isn’t diaper rash.
Babies 10 months 1447

Here we are with Corey on our way home from Florida.
Babies 10 months 1449


  1. i cannot believe the size of that bump, ouch! and soap? madison, what are you thinking girl?

  2. I think that is the cutest picture ever (the one of the bums!) I can not wait for my photo shoot on Saturday.

  3. Your kiddos are simply the cutest. Poor Blake! So what does Madison like to eat from the real food group? 🙂

  4. I love this picture. Is Blake checking out Corey? It is so funny.

    I love the pics of the babies and Madison seems to be a bottomless pit

    I ate newspaper when I was little. It must be quite delicious.

  5. THanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I don’t have any other fruit soup recipes but I wish I did! Your twins are adorable. Aren’t dimply buns on babies just the best? (And the only time dimples from chub are cute, cause they sure aren’t attractive on my tush!) My Ellie likes to try to eat everything around her as well, although she has yet to try soap…

  6. Thank you so much for coming over and entering my giveaway! You have adorable babies! I have a 17 month old boy and he definitely does those same kind of things, like eat soap! It’s so nice to meet you

  7. loving all of these pics…the butt dimples in the first pic. adorable.

    oh and thanks for entering my giveaway.

  8. I love following the twins progress via your blog. They are so cute and are growing up so quickly, it’s hard to believe they are nearly a year old. You both take wonderful photos! Keep them coming!!

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