What happened to no trips for a while?

So today I find myself in Tampa Bay, Florida hoping desperately for a nap soon. Guy woke up yesterday at 2 pm from sleeping off night shift. He mentioned to me how he and Karissa were joking around about us going to see her and Corri & Frank while she is visiting with them from Utah this week. I told him that was a cool idea. Then he mentioned he had looked up a hotel to jokingly. Well dang it, if we didn’t just up and decide to leave for Florida after placing a couple calls to see if we were really wanted. Then we were on the road by 4pm. And that is with giving the babies a bath!!! It’s shocking how good we are getting at just up and going places with the kids. The only thing we ‘forgot’ is some toys for the kids. They are big people watchers and new place lovers so they shouldn’t miss them. Well, off to put them down for their morning nap then we are off to the beach! Ahhhhh, the warm Gulf of Mexico beach in 80 degree weather sounds like just the ticket. YAY!



  1. I can’t believe you just picked up and went to Florida! I am a little jealous, as it was brrr! cold here today! I hope you all have a wonderful time. Soak up some sun for us too!

  2. LOL I just sent you an email about rescheduling our playdate for next week, sounds like you might be worn out! Don’t worry about it, just give me a call when you’re back and things have returned to normal once more. Have fun! Get some sun for me!

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