What to name our kiddos???

This photo was taken in California. Love sunset photos. They generally have more depth then sunrise photos and who wants to get up so early on vacation?

So the big question everyone asks when they hear we found out the babies are a boy and girl is….. What are you going to name them? or…. Have you decided on names yet? Nope. Nope. Nope. We are most likely going to take quite a while to contemplate, discuss and make sure we are giving the kiddo’s the right names. And we have different tastes in names, but a strong desire to make sure both of us are happy with the choices. We definitely welcome any suggestions from anyone. Not that we’ll love them or use them, but we’d love to hear your suggestions. Family names would be cool. Good formal names that also make great nicknames. Maybe names that make cool initials that make a name/nickname. Nothing that sounds funny with White forward or backward. Nothing that rhymes too much. And probably nothing too popular, though if the kid is meant to have the name we’ll give it to em. Guy would like to explore giving them the same first initial. I don’t want anything that can very easily be pronounced two ways. However, I recognize that people mess up just about every one’s name at some point or another anyway. I also seem to be unable to think of or like just about any boys names and seem to be stuck on A’s, E’s and M’s for girls names. Guy seems to be stuck on nicknames, but not like the formal version of the name.