What’s worse then mice in your garage {or house}? Oh, I know…

We have mice in the garage.  Eawwww!  We’ve known this for a while & have been a bit lax {ie super busy} on doing anything about it.  Yesterday changed that.  I’m still super grossed out.  Really! Really grossed out.

Yesterday I had a senior photo session in the afternoon with Tayler Boldt {for those that know her}.  Another clients sister is interested in learning photography wanted to tag along.  Oh yeah, love having a free assistant!  Cora met me at the house when we headed out to Tayler’s house with the kids since her mom, Heidi, was going to watch them.  At the house I had to remove a car seat.  The easiest thing was to flip it upside down into the back of the Trooper.  As I did there was some liquid that dripped out onto the seat.  It was yellow.  Yuk.  I smelled it and it smelled like pee.  Both kids were dry so it had to be from some other occasion we thought they peed after getting out of the car.  So not fun.  Then I noticed some little black things which at first I thought was food crumbs.  Nope.  It was mouse poop.  Not only was it under the seat, it was in the seat!!!!!  How in the world did a mouse or mice get into our vehicle?!?!?!?!  I felt totally offended a mouse would get into my child’s car seat.  I scrubbed at it with a few wipes before putting it back in to come home.   Today I need to get out there and clean the SUV out before we leave tonight for a BBQ at a friends house.

I was so upset I didn’t think to take any pictures of it.


  1. Shannon that is SO gross, but these things happen when you live where mice get in. We don't have them down here. We just have bugs instead. I don't know which is worse. Hmm. Bugs. But I can't believe they shimmied into the car, the little jerks! Gross, gross, gross!

  2. Ok, I totally freaked out reading this post because the other day as we were pulling into our garage I swear I saw a mouse scamper by. I didn't realize they could get IN the car!! What are you doing to get rid of them??

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