Whooops a daisy!

A nice peaceful photo not describing my last few days of busy busy and drama today. It was taken at Surfers Paradise in Australia. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I now know why so many Assie’s go there for domestic vacations. Like California and Florida but a lot cleaner with less people.

The last few days have been very busy. Today takes the cake in all ways! At work I am one of three people who must answer the phone and answer the front door. One was away and the other on the phone when someone rang out front bell. No one else was close so I got up. 1/2 through my first step I realized my foot/leg was completely asleep. The step was completed successfully. The next one was not. Let me explain. My foot points strait down when fully asleep so my toe was under me and not the flat of my foot. It twisted knocking me into the wall then I crumpled down onto my left leg and turned my upper body to take the rest of the fall with my hands. It felt like a rubber band was being stretched on the outer right foot with a pop at the end of the stretch. The pain was immediate and very strong. Normally when hurt I jump right up and walk it off. Nope. Just laid there not letting anyone touch me. And yes, for all you pregnancy worriers I really did do a mental pain check of the belly area. None noted. However, even with no pressure put on my foot at all, after 45 minutes the pain had not lessened and there was no swelling. Yep, totally kept on my bitty ankle sock and the sensible tennis shoe I had on. There were also some weird cell outages in our area so it took about 15-20 minutes to actually speak with Guy. We do have a home phone… But the number is unknown to me (story for another time). Guy tried to call the new doctors office he loves but they didn’t have any openings. I tried my normal primary care doc. No service, at all. The soonest I can get in is January and they have no x-ray anyway. So poor Guy came to pick me up even though he should have been resting before going to work tonight on the first of four 5 pm to 5 am shifts not to mention he also worked yesterday 8-5. We went to Urgent Care. My work refused to put this under workers comp stating I knew my foot was asleep when I tried to step. That got my blood pressure going. So after 3 hours at urgent care and a claim filed against my personal health insurance I have an avulsion. This is caused by my ligament tearing away a very small chunk of bone from the rest of the bone. These generally heal themselves, but require a followup visit and x-ray. They draped the crap out of me with the lead drapes and the ankle is pretty far from the babies. I have a hard splint which is the cast material on the backside of my calf down to my toes in the foot flat position with ace bandages wrapped around from top to bottom. The healing time for an average healer is 2-3 weeks to be able to walk on it (yep – stinky crutches with under arm bruises and hard to carry anything) and in 2-3 months feel good again with mild pain up til then. Sounds like a ton of fun. There is some minor pain in my right wrist from the impact. The urgent care did not have either an ultrasound nor a lab capable of testing if there was any trauma to the babies. I called my OB’s office and was told by the receptionist that since there are no symptoms of baby stress there was no need to come in today, but to call if any show up suddenly as they can appear later.

I tried to bum some ice cream off the neighbors since Guy had to go to work, I need to gain weight, and it would be an easy meal. No go. They are all out.

My friend, Alesha, is going to be a super champ and help me with the photo session I have booked tomorrow. She has taken some sessions on her own and has assisted her dad for years. So this will be a big favor I owe her.

It only took me about 3 minutes to get the 10 feet from the kitchen with a big protein shake to the couch. Not bad, though I did try and put pressure on my foot a few times. Getting some food later will probably be a lovely issue though. I could crawl with a bowl or plate in one hand, but Moose will take this as an invitation.

And the other depressing thing from this morning is one of those two pounds I gained is gone again…. How much do I seriously have to eat to gain anything? Maybe I’m not meant to. Though I’m sure it will be traumatic for me when it actually happens. All that weight. Can’t we just grow em & pop them out with just their weight. Then I could count my chub taken to grow babies already as it!

Last night we went over to Armondo and Alesha’s house after dinner. Mondo has taken a job with the Gilbert Police department. Guy is going to help him drive his car out there when we go in January (I get to fly both ways!). Alesha is stuck here until the house sells. The market is definitely in a holiday slow down. They have made a lot of improvements to the home which should hopefully help it sell. Anyway, we played Ono. Loads of fun. My belly always hurts when we leave from laughing so much. One of their two boys (age 4 & 2) got in trouble when all the boys were playing. He pulled down his pants. Whooops. LOL Of course, it is funny, but no laughing so he doesn’t learn it is OK to do again.

The night before that I went to finish the baby registry. Man that two hours wiped me out. And I totally want to remove 1/2 the clothes. Only 6 more days until the little ones cooperate and show us what they are! Then I can take most of pure neutral stuff off and put on the sex specific stuff. Though really I just want to put on the essentials and if anyone wants to pick something they like as a gift it is just fine! All but one of the addresses for the Phx shower are into the appropriate peeps. The one elusive one is my very oldest friends mom who really was like a second mom growing up. Misty and I were friends from our first year of 1st grade until now. We were really close (saw each other all the time) until the end of high school. Now we pick up and talk to each other every 6 months to a year and it’s like no time has passed, but tons of new news to share.

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  1. Ack Shannon! Glad to hear you and the future kiddos are ok, but OUCH! Hope you heal quickly and are able to be back at it soon. Happy Holidays!

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