After a string of silences from me with not much to say on the blog I have a really cool video to share. My friend had this on her blog. It took Guy and I just under 5 years to successfully become pregnant with the twins. What a crazy emotional and sometimes very disturbing path we went on. This week we hung a multiple photo picture frame on the wall that includes a photo of each of the twins when they were two weeks old. How has time gone by so fast already? Guy particularly misses them being so small. We feel so blessed and happy to have these two wonderful people in our lives. There has never been a time when we had less means to take care of ourselves then we do now, but we are so very happy. (The photography word is getting out there now that I finally started putting it out there which will help) Blake and Madison have such distinctive personalities making each one fun, loving and special in their own way. Seeing this video really made me think back to the heartache and sorrow which led to these wonderful blessings. Without the crappy journey I’m really not sure I would have appreciated my kids as much nor really been able to put my personal desires and wants aside to fulfill their needs and desires as readily. I am very open about our struggles to have kids because to many people keep fertility struggles private or are ashamed of them. To all my compadres out there still working to achieve the parental dream one way or another, I love you and pray for your success. For any that have not had fertility issues this is a great video for you too.

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  1. Thanks Shannon! That song really puts my feelings into prospective! That was an amazing song. I hope you don’t ming I’m going to put this on my blog! Thanks

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