Yo yo yo!

When your family prayer has ‘please help our bodies heal from the injuries sustained though out the day’ you know it has been a pretty interesting day.

To begin with poor Madison is not having nearly as easy a time of learning to walk as Blake did. She is now taking 2-3 steps several times a day with at least one head crack each day. I feel like I’m constantly on concussion watch. I’m not taking any photos of the oft repeated goose eggs out of fear. I think you know what I mean. She bit it once again right on the forehead. Poor girl. Even when a big goose egg shows up she only cries for a minute or two.

We picked up a glass storm door and a small big wheel from a fellow Freecycler. He did not take off all the door frame pieces and the little things to hold in the glass were missing. Guy had some stuff to temporarily put around the glass to hold it on and installed the door with the one frame piece. The rest of the pieces we’ll order for about $35-40. It looks fantastic. However we really need to invest in better tools before we do another thing with the ones we have. As guy was drilling the pilot hole for the frame piece the drill bit broke. The remaining spinning piece skewered Guy’s finger! Blood immediately spurted out, and he yelled, “blood!” to me across the house. I grabbed a towel meeting him in the kitchen. Luckily the wound was on the edge of his thumb. He has an entrance and an exit wound. We’ve been putting Bacitracin on it in hopes he will not develop an infection.

Blake is pretty rough and gets banged up a bit in his adventures.

I’m just plain out of shape after two plus years of little to no exercise, and prone to little injuries all the time now. My softball team is doing a great job of helping me be more inspired to work on my fitness. Now all I need to do is find a workout partner who would like to work out with me 3-5 days a week. Some support, nudging and inspiration are sorely needed. It would be nice to be in good condition when we try to have another kiddo.

While my mom was here we went to Marbles Kids Museum. It was a lot of fun. We only explored a bit of the first floor and one courtyard. Man there is so much to do and see. Some of the stuff is too advanced for them, but hopefully this year they will grow into much of the stuff since we got a membership.
Us May09 1425

But wouldn’t you know it, the only place one of my kids got hurt was in the little baby area!
Us May09 1417

This is a shot catching him falling off the ledge, only I didn’t know he was falling at the time. He cracked his chin on the ledge causing him to bleed from his lip.
Us May09 1416

Both of them loved watching the downtown traffic out this window as much as the water later.
Us May09 1433

The water had to be their favorite! Another little girl was playing in the second big bowl of water.
Us May09 1441

Us May09 1439

Just outside there were a couple of water features. This one was perfect for them to play in.
Us May09 1451

Blake wanted to cuddle with Grandma more then play in the water with Madison. Grandma surely did not mind!
Us May09 1460

She would have stayed out there for a long time… But when I pulled out the food to feed the ravenous Blake she scooted right over to demand her (smaller) share.
Us May09 1461

Little baby/toddler hands are soooo cute.
Us May09 1468

Until next time!


  1. Too cute! I am glad that Mom got to visit and play with the kids…although I am a little jealous! Give both of them big kisses from their Auntie, and tell Madison that I am sending her all of my positive thoughts on getting that walking thing down real soon!

  2. Anytime you need encouragement to keep going I am here for ya cause I can’t be there to workout with ya. Even though I can’t run I still lift weights twice a week and am eating right. I still lost 2 pounds last week (20 in 6 weeks) and am feeling great. I just hope I can get back into my routine sooner rather than later.
    Blake and Madison are so expressive now. It is awesome to see their changes from week to week.

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