Christmas card 4

Happy Friday! We all had a good day here in the super frozen South. Really, the super frozen temps are now until midday tomorrow. Oh, it will be time to layer my clothes for my early morning shoot tomorrow. I hope they layer their clothes too so they are warm and happy. Happy is good.

Madison figured out how to blow her nose today. Oh my that is hilarious. I’ve been talking a lot about Madison lately, but our Blake is definitely a rock star. My favorite word he says right now is ‘Butsss’ or bus as you & I would say it. Three days ago I got out all the legos. They hadn’t shown much interest in them until that day. We cleared off the entire coffee table and the three of us sat there playing. I made them several structures & arches & a ton of towers. Then I showed them how they could drive their cars in and around them. Mostly they had fun taking apart my hard work. Since we put the bucket back in their toy corner Blake has made sure to have soem legos out. He makes a long scepter, as Guy calls it, and carries it around with him. He’ll take it apart completely then build a new one to carry around for a while. The kid loves to know how things work and likes things put together after he takes it apart.

WH Dec11 09 1

Inside spread
WH Dec11 09 2

WH Dec11 09 3

Hope you are almost ready for Christmas and feeling the Christmas spirit!